Base Aérea Lima-Callao

Policia Nacional del Peru


25 October 2003


Among the tenants at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport's military complex is the Policia Nacional del Peru. It is subordinate to Peru's Ministry of the Interior. Tasked with maintaining order within the country and given the vastness of Peru's territory, an aviation element is indispensible. Like with other flying branches of Peru's Armed Forces, there is an interesting variety of aircraft types from various origins to be found. Today's Peruvian Police aviation is being controlled by DIRAVPOL or Dirección de Aviación Policial.  

Thanks go to the Peruvian authorities as well as to Graham Dinsdale and Garreth le Sueur for making this visit possible.


All pictures (c) Hans Rolink.

In 1933 the foundations were laid for today's police aviation. The current organisation however was only put in place in 1984. It's missions, apart from the usual Police support work, include anti-narcotics and anti-terrerost operations. Both fixed-wing and rotary wing types equip the DIRAVPOL. To be  seen to the left is Bo.105LSA-3 serialled PNP-116. It is one of five known to be or to have been in service.

Apart from the Bo.105, another partly German made helicopter made it's way into service with the Policia Nacional del Peru. A total of five German-Japanese BK.117B-2's were delivered, of which PNP-122 is one of four remaining in service. 

Peru is the one country on the South American continent with a large proportion of Russian and Soviet produced equipment. Mil Mi.8 and Mi.17 helicopters found their way into the ranks of the Air Force, Army and Navy, but also into those of the Policia Nacional.

DIRAVPOL operates at least two, one of which, PNP-508, can be seen here.

PNP-243 is one of the few Cessna T210's in use. This type would be used for training and light transport tasks. 

The reason for the large number of light fixed wing aircraft, both single- and twin engined is confiscation of some of them from narcotics trafficers.

Piper PA.34 Seneca serialled PNP-231 is one of two in service with the Policia Nacional. It is one of three serving with the Police flying unit on general light transport duties.

The slightly larger Piper PA.31 Navajo also serves with the PNP. Winglet-fitted PNP-229 is the only one of it's type with the Policia Nacional del Peru. 

This Chinese built Harbin Y-12 is one of the more exotic types that can be found at Lima-Callao. Serialled PNP-226 it's STOL characteristics make it an asset within DIRAVPOL. PNP-226 is one of the two survivors of three.  

This propellor-less Rockwell Commander 680 PNP-218 sits here at Callao's Policia platform. Apart from the obvious, it looks rather complete though. So far known, it is the only one in service with the Police Air Wing.


Largest among the Policia's flying inventory is the Antonov An.32. This derivative of the An.26 serves like the Mi.8/Mi.17 family with all the flying Peruvian military services. A total of three An.32's are known to be in service with the Policia Nacional del Peru.