NATO Tiger Meet 2001



Kleine Brogel Air Base, in the North of Belgium, played host to the 2001 NATO Tiger Meet (NTM). NTM, held since 1961 on an almost annual basis, is a get-together of NATO units featuring a tiger in their unit crest. Together, these units form the NATO Tiger Association. Each year, the NTM is staged at the base of one of the members of the NATO Tiger Association. 2001's NTM was held at Kleine Brogel.
The base, also known as KB, is home to No.31 squadron of the Belgian Air Force. The unit painted up one of it's F-16's in a Tiger Meet colour scheme. Like in previous years, many other units followed suit. These colour schemes and the fine weather on the day of the Photo Call, 19 June 2001, provided many excellent photo opportunities.
Special thanks go to the Belgian Air Force and in particular to the OCU squadron for organizing the excellent Photo Call.

All pictures (c) Hans Rolink

Mirage 2000RDI 118/12-YG
Tiger Association founding members include French Armée de l'Air EC 1/12 "Cambresis" form Cambrai-Epinoy. This unit painted up Mirage 2000RDI 118/12-YG.
F-16AM FA-116
The host unit's specially painted bird, F-16AM FA-116. It wore a different scheme on it's port side, as can be seen on these pictures.
Tornado 44+65
German Luftwaffe Tornado 44+65 of reconnaissance unit AG 51 from Schleswig-Jagel in it's Tiger guise.
Tornado ECR 46+44
The other German Tornado unit which gained access to the NTA is Lechfeld's JBG 32. This unit painted up Tornado ECR 46+44 accordingly.
Alpha Jet A 15250
Another long-time NTA member is Portugal's Escuadra 301 "Jaguares" from Beja. This squadron went the furthest with it's paint job, even including the aircraft's rear canopy!
Puma HC.1 ZA939
Helicopter squadrons form a small portion of the NTA membership. One of those is No.230 sq from RAF Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. The squadron went as far as painting a nose panel in Tiger colours only to mount it after arrival at Kleine Brogel. No doubt to prevent it from being contaminated by flies!
Mi.24V 0709
New NATO member Czech Republic attended NTM '01 with a pair of Mil Mi.24V combat helicopters. They did not take part in the flying, however. The helicopters were from 331. Vrtulnikovy Letka from Prerov.