World Economic Forum

Zürich, Switzerland

29 January 2005


 Since 1971, the Swiss town of Davos hosts the annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. This Forum commited itself to improve the state of the world. It brings together the world's political leaders, as well as CEO's of major enterprises and leaders of Non-Government Organisations.

Of course, the participants for the annual meeting in Davos have to be flown in as a large number of the delegations consist of heads of state or cabinet ministers, the Air Forces of some of the countries involved sent their VIP tasked aircraft to Switzerland. During the meetings, the aircraft are usually parked at relatively nearby Zürich's Unique Airport. One of the aircraft to temporarily take up residence here was 201 AS Boeing C-40C 02-0201. It belongs to the District of Columbia Air National Guard at Andrews AFB, Maryland.


A great number of photographers braved the sub-freezing temperatures and snow showers at Zürich to view for example this Ukranian Government Tupolev Tu.134A-3 UR-65718. It was used to fly newly elected Ukranian President Viktor Yushchenko to one of his first official activities abroad.

With the possibility of Ukraine politically moving closer to Western Europe, the days of aircraft like this may be numbered.

No fewer than two Brazilian Air Force VIP jets were present at Zürich Airport for the 2005 WEF Annual Meeting. These included Boeing 737-2N5 2116. This type, known as VC-96 to the Brazilian Air Force, flies with 1°/1°GTE and is based at Brasilia, the country's capital.


The other Brazilian VIP jet present was Airbus 319CJ 2101. Designated VC-1A within the Força Aérea Brasileira, it was only delivered a few months prior to it's appearance at Zürich. It too is part of 1°/1°GTE and is the exclusive transport for the President of Brazil, Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


Long range versions of small, originally mid ranged airliners are becoming popular VIP types. This Boeing 737-700 ZS-RSA, also known as a BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is the transport of the President of the Republic of South Africa, at the time of writing being Mr. Thabo Mbeki. It is seen here taxiyng out early on Saturday 29 January, the final day of the WEF 2005 Annual Meeting.

It is part of No. 21 sq at Waterkloof


Thanks go to the Zürich Airport Authorities for organising photo tours around the platforms during which most of these photos could be made

All pictures (c) Hans Rolink